Arizona’s Top-rated Brews


This may be just the kind of news you need on a Friday: It’s National Beer Day!

And Arizona has plenty of places to mark the day. After all, we have at least three breweries — Mother Road Brewing, San Tan Brewing Company and Four Peaks Brewing Company — that were recognized as some of the best beer makers around and we routinely pop up on best-of-beer lists.

In honor of the Grand Canyon State’s brewing success, we put together a list of Arizona’s top-rated beers on Beer Advocate.

Before we get to that, however, we have a question: Do you know why April 7 is National Beer Day? We did some searching and found that it marks the day the Cullen-Harrison Act went into effect in 1933.

While that sounds boring, the act — signed by former President Franklin D. Roosevelt — allowed people to buy, sell and, most importantly, drink beer with an alcohol by volume of 3.2 or less. Basically, it was the first step toward ending Prohibition.

When he signed the act, Roosevelt said something we all like to hear: “I think this would be a good time for a beer.”

So when you flip through the gallery below of Arizona’s top 10 brews, keep in mind that by tipping a cold one back on Friday, you’re celebrating United States history.

No. 10: Petrified Porter
Prescott Brewing Company

No. 9: Bell Road IPA
Dubina Brewing

No. 8: Coconut Joe
Papago Brewing

No. 7: Big Rapid Imperial Red Ale
Lumberyard Brewing Company

No. 6: Refuge IPA
Wilderness Brewing Company

No. 5: Hop Knot
Four Peaks Brewing Company

No. 4: Koffee Kolsch
Huss Brewing Co.

No. 3: Dragoon IPA
Dragoon Brewing Co.

No. 2: Tower Station IPA
Mother Road Brewery

No. 1: White Russian Imperial Stout
Sun Up Brewing Co.



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