Casa Grande’s $4BN Theme Park Pitch

Developers are pitching a new amusement park project which could cost as much as $4 billion and would be built in the Arizona city of Casa Grande.


According to ABC News, Florida-based The Blocks Sports Company has filed a proposal in Casa Grande for the construction of a 1,500-acre theme park and resort, which officials compared to the scope of Disney World in Orlando.

The amusement park, dubbed as Dreamport Villages by officials, would take between seven to 10 years to complete and will carry a price tag of an estimated $4 billion. The proposal goes to the Casa Grande Planning and Zoning Commission on March 2, and will then go to the City Council if everything is approved.

While other companies have pitched proposals for theme parks in the Arizona region over the last several years, none of the projects have come to fruition.

“We believe we are at the same point today in Casa Grande as was Orlando 50 years ago when Walt Disney first envisioned Disney World. The key difference is Orlando was not one hour away from two separate major metro areas along an interstate freeway,” developers wrote in the proposal. “The Block Sports Company can’t accomplish all of this by itself. With the right partners from other business and government leaders, we can help continue to lay the foundation of what could transform the region into a major destination for both business and tourists.”

As part of the proposal, officials from The Blocks Sports Company plan to bring major attractions to Arizona, including an extreme sports park that would feature exotic car driving experiences, Go-Kart tracks, zip lines, rock climbing and a 12-acre lake for wakeboarding.

The new theme park would also feature an indoor water park; a 300-room resort hotel; an animal-themed portion of the park; a marketplace with up to 420,000-square-feet of restaurant, retail and office space; a convention center; RV park; and welcome center.

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