Reminder Stickers Prevent Hot Car Deaths

An Arizona man is on a mission to raise awareness and put an end to hot car deaths altogether.


Lou Molinari’s concept is very simple. It’s a sticker that he hopes business owners and homeowners will place on their doors, reminding caregivers to double check their car.

“With our lifestyle right now, we are constantly on the phone. We are constantly running between places, so we need reminders,” he said.

The BabySav stickers are priced at just $2 and provide the awareness and reminders where other efforts fail. Efforts like legislation take time and even if that legislation is enacted, it is slow to gain traction.

“Putting a solution in a new car is great, but not everyone is going to buy a new car,” Molinari said.

On average, 37 kids die in hot cars every year across the U.S. Already in 2017, two kids have died in the U.S. and, like many tragedies, this doesn’t discriminate.

“There was a lawyer, a fireman and a policeman who all lost their children last year because of this — so it happens to all demographics,” Molinari said. “They say ‘it’s never going to happen to me because I’m a loving, caring parent and I’ll never forget my child.’”

But they do — and warm weather brings danger. Even in 80-degree weather, in 30 minutes, a child or pet could die.

If you are interested in purchasing a BabySav sticker for your home or business, they’re just $2, including tax and shipping.

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