RTW Correlated With Economic Development


Via rrobserver.com

Right-to-Work merely allows workers the freedom to choose union membership and pay dues or not. It does not forbid anyone from joining a union or prohibit unions from organizing. It enhances the freedom and prosperity of individuals and communities which is why more than half of the states have passed some version of Right-to-Work. The Sandoval County proposed RTW ordinance does not impact government unions or existing union contracts.

Arizona’s gross domestic product rose 3.6 percent in 2017. Texas had the fastest-growing economy in the nation in the first quarter. In Utah, every major industrial sector expanded in 2016. Colorado’s gross domestic product jumped at an annual rate of 5.1 percent in 2016. New Mexico ranks in the bottom six overall for a fourth straight year — the worst employment growth in the U. S.

Compare unemployment and income for neighboring states and New Mexico. 2017 Unemployment Rates: Arizona (5.1 percent); Colorado (2.4 percent); Texas (4.3 percent); Utah (3.5 percent) and New Mexico (6.3 percent). 2017 Median hourly rates: Arizona ($17.05); Colorado ($19.09); Texas ($17.06); Utah ($16.83); New Mexico ($15.82). 2016 annual average income: Arizona ($46,290); Colorado ($52,710); Texas ($47,770); Utah ($45,490); New Mexico ($44,190).


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