Tax Reform Is What Arizonans Want Most



“Our current system does little to improve the lives of hard-working, middle-class families or promote business growth. Tax reform should be a win-win in every community, and Congress must make it a priority.”

–U.S. Rep. Tom O’Halleran


Small businesses drive our local economies, creating jobs and providing resources to our communities. Unfortunately, our small businesses face increasingly onerous and stifling taxes and regulations that keep them from succeeding. While we need to address issues that can arise from businesses (consumer protection, environmental protection, etc.), there are taxes and regulations that are misguided or overly burdensome.

Instead of investing and growing their businesses, our entrepreneurs are wasting valuable time and resources trying to navigate our complex tax laws and rules. If we are going to get serious about improving our local economies, we must alleviate these unnecessary burdens and allow our small business owners to thrive.

Editorial Team

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