Arizona Florist Blooms With Industry Award


Arizona Florida, is among the select to qualify for the FTD Quality Star Award, which it was recently awarded. Additionally, Arizona Florist has earned the FTD’s Top 100 Florists Award for the past six years.

Arizona Family Florist owner Cheryl Denham said in a press release that happy flower customers are very likely to become repeat customers in a business so highly geared towards client satisfaction.

“The satisfaction of our customers is a key to our success and we are extremely honored to be recognized by FTD as a Quality Star Florist,” Arizona Family Florist owner Cheryl Denham said. “Being named an FTD Top 100 Florist is validation that our team’s hard work pays off.”

Customers can use the promotional code “FREE” to qualify for free floral delivery when placing an order, either in person at the store at 2050 S. 16th St., Suite 100; by calling 602-507-4200; or online at

“FTD is an incredible partner who cares about the success of the local floral community,” Denham said. “This was a team effort and could not have been accomplished without the hard work and dedication of our amazing staff and floral partner.”

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