Arizona Is Leading America’s Tech Industry Growth Says Investor Jason Hope



Move over Silicon Valley; low cost of living and long-term government investments have transformed Arizona into a new hub for tech industry startups and giants alike. ZipRecruiter named Phoenix third on its 2017 list of “the 20 hottest cities for available tech jobs” while Forbes recently designated Arizona as the best state for job growth overall based on forecasts from Moody’s Analytics.

Project managers, engineers, developers and data analysts are all in high demand. During the summer, ZipRecruiter reported a staggering 188 percent spike in technology jobs so far this year. According to a 2017 report from CompTIA, there are currently at least 139,400 technology jobs in the state, and the average annual wage is about $97,400.

Considering that the median cost of rental housing is about $1,345 per month while median home prices hover around $216,000, it’s easy to see why companies and individuals from large cities find Arizona appealing. The state’s lawmakers have also played a large role in encouraging investments in both technology and education, which has paid off; Arizona State University ranked first place in the U.S. News & World Report survey’s 2016 list of “Most Innovative Schools.” Indeed, ASU currently produces more graduates with engineering degrees than any other school in the country. Consequently, technology executives have been enticed by the continual supply of fresh talent from Arizona’s public school system. The first two quarters of this year saw Arizona companies collectively pull in about $122 million in investments.


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