24/7 On-demand delivery service to start alcohol sales in June

GoPuff co-founder Rafael Ilishayev shows off some of the Tempe warehouse

Philadelphia-based convenience store delivery app goPuff is now delivering 24 hours a day, seven days a week in its east Phoenix metro and Tucson delivery areas.

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The on-demand service also finally knows when it will start delivering alcohol.

GoPuff delivers a wide range of products from its local warehouses of close to 4,000 items. GoPuff delivers basically anything you can get from a grocery store, promised within 30 minutes or less, including snacks, household goods, office supplies and pet food.

In Phoenix, goPuff delivers to parts of east Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe and Mesa. The company plans to expand further into Phoenix and Flagstaff soon.

The company expanded into Tucson in November and goPuff co-founder and co-CEO Rafael Ilishayev said the area has grown fast.

“It’s almost surpassing Tucson in terms of its growth,” Ilishayev said.

GoPuff had planned to deliver beer and wine last year but hit some roadblocks in the state, he said.

“Arizona wasn’t as equipped from a regulatory standpoint to handle a business with venture partners who wants to have a liquor license,” Ilishayev said. “There were issues with us having venture capitalists as partners, but all has been resolved and we have gone through the process.”

Beer and wine sales and delivery will begin in Tucson on May 1 and in the Phoenix area on June 7, he said.

The alcohol will be available for delivery and for walk-in sales at a store by the Tempe and Tucson warehouses.

The Tempe warehouse was expanded last year to handle the city’s growth in orders.

Tempe has about two dozen full-time employees, while Tucson has 16. Hundreds of contract drivers have been hired between the two, and goPuff continues to hire.

GoPuff now delivers in 16 markets, including its newest Madison, Wisconsin; Columbus, Ohio; Pittsburgh; and Syracuse, New York next week.

The delivery startup plans to launch in 15 markets this year, Ilishayev said.

“We’ve been growing and adding new positions all over the place,” he said. “We are truly going nationwide.”

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