Tucson Industrial Product Supplier Finds Success with New Business Model

Tucson-based SECURE Sling & Strap is taking a new approach to industrial product sales.

Whereas many industrial distribution companies are taking an Amazon-like approach (put as many products as possible online), SECURE is doing exactly the opposite; they’re specializing their product focus and strategically going directly to distributors and retailers with unique products not available anywhere else.

According to CEO Adam-Paul Smolak, “Our model is the only one that is future-proof.  We work with our clients to discover what unique needs they have that products currently on the market don’t solve.  We then find the best manufacturers in the world to create new product solutions based on that market research.  Then we strategically sell those innovative products directly to distributors and retailers, offline.”

SECURE Sling & Strap has already received national attention with it’s SuperRatchet line of ratchet tie-downs.  According to a review by industry-leading publication, Dirt Wheels Magazine:

“They work just as good as the most expensive name brand without breaking the bank, so why pay more? We use these straps often and they have held up well for us over time. We have also loved how easily they work with all of our different trailer setups.”

When asked about the inspiration for the SuperRatchet, Director of Sales, Scott Holbrook, says:  “It’s the perfect example of how we work.  For months we spent time asking NASCAR racers, Lucas Oil racers and recreational drivers what could be made better about the most common tool they use every day, the ratchet strap.  The SuperRatchet is the result of that process.”

According to SECURE, one of the downsides of the industrial distributors rushing to become an “Industrial Amazon,” is that product innovation is becoming stifled as companies become more focused on what sells now, rather than developing non-existing solutions for existing problems.

Once SECURE develops a new product, their sales team then goes to sell directly to those companies in industries that could benefit from the solution.  And while they’re learning more about the company’s business by talking with owners, purchasers and employees, they may just stumble across a problem that may be SECURE’s next product solution.

Check out SECURE’s unique line of SuperRatchets and other innovative products on their website, securesling.com.

For companies, contact Director of Sales Scott Holbrook (scott@securesling.com) to talk about SECURE’s purchasing programs.

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