ADOT Hopes High-tech Checkpoints Will Keep Truckers Rolling Along


The Arizona Department of Transportation will soon roll out sensor technology at seven commercial trucking checkpoints designed to keep the state’s trucking industry rolling along.

Traditionally, ADOT has relied on inspectors to evaluate the weight, credentials and safety status of trucks entering the state.

During the next month, the department will begin using a system called Drivewyze Preclear, which uses cameras and sensors embedded in the roadway to scan trucks that subscribe to the service.

If the system detects an issue with a vehicle’s weight or paperwork, drivers will receive a notification on their smartphone or in-cab logging device to pull over for an inspection. Some vehicles will also be randomly selected for an inspection.

ADOT spokesman Tom Herrmann estimates the Drivewyze Preclear system will cut down on 95 percent of the in-person inspections at the upgraded checkpoints.

“The trucking going across our state is a huge boost to the economy, so we want to create as few barriers as we can for trucks coming into our state,” Herrmann said.

More than 75 percent of the commodities delivered to Arizona, or exported from the state, are sent by truck.

Herrmann said the department will utilize fewer inspectors at each checkpoint under the new system, but he said ADOT has no plans to downsize its workforce.

Currently, the agency is unable to staff all of its checkpoints, he said, and the new system will allow ADOT to spread its inspectors out across more sites.

ADOT has been testing a similar system since 2015 near the McGuireville Rest Area on I-17, the Canoa Ranch Rest Area on I-19 and the Sacaton Rest Area on I-10.





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