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Where Social Security Stretches The Furthest


With the average cost of living in Arizona being $19,102 annually, 10 counties in the state provide Social Security benefits near the annual cost of living for those regions, according to a study completed by SmartAsset.

The study shows in which counties it would be easiest for Arizona residents to live primarily, or entirely, off of Social Security benefits upon retirement for basic necessities.

Mojave, Pinal, La Paz and Graham counties provide Social Security benefits that exceed the cost of living in those counties, with benefits in Mojave County exceeding cost of living by more than $1,000.

In Mojave County, Social Security benefits average $19,302 compared to an average cost of living of $18,182.

In Pinal County, Social Security beneficiaries see an average of $500 more with average benefits of $19,810 compared to a cost of living average of $19,318.

In La Paz County Social Security benefits exceed the cost of living by $300 and in Graham County Social Security benefits exceed the cost of living by $65.

But Social Security benefits don’t quite cover costs in Arizona’s largest county, Maricopa County, where cost of living exceeds benefits by $28. Pima County is similar with a cost of living that exceeds SS benefits by $37.

But retirees looking to settle in Yavapai, Gila, Yuma and Navajo counties need supplemental income to make ends meet. Yavapai County’s cost of living exceeds benefits by more than $1,000. Gila, Yuma and Navajo counties have a cost of living that exceeds benefits by anywhere from $1,600 to $2,000 annually.




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Yuma Plants A Seed For Its Future


For generations the men and women that drive Yuma County’s agriculture industry have done what they can to make sure Americans stayed fed. But, there’s one commodity that they just couldn’t grow and that’s a workforce. University of Arizona Tanya Hodges says years ago a group of farmers decided to go a little greener in the form of pitching in to send future agriculture leaders to school. The Yuma County Agriculture Producers then sprouted the idea which has long since grown.

YCAP planted the seed and it took the Yuma Fresh Vegetables Association to water it; soon the two opened their annual Harvest Dinner to the public and local students have been reaping the benefits of Yuma’s generosity. The Harvest Dinner has become one of the Desert Southwest’s most anticipated events; the event brings in masters of industry, civic leaders and the community all to celebrate our agriculture industry.

The Harvest Dinner is no easy task and organizers depend on the help of local volunteers like members of Yuma County’s 4-H and the Future Farmers of America. Both groups were recognized during a ceremony on Wednesday. The two ag based groups received funds as a way to say “thank you” and to help them further their educations. In total YCAP raised $48,000 dollars from last year’s Harvest Dinner; those funds were then turned into scholarships and given to area students who are majoring in agriculture.

Recipients of the scholarships must maintain a 2.5 grade point average, attend either Arizona Western College or the University of Arizona and must keep agriculture as their major.

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