Intel Announces $7 Billion Manufacturing Investment in Arizona


When it comes to manufacturing processes, Intel is king. After all, it’s a well known fact that Santa Clara’s 14nm node equals TSMC/Samsung’s 10nm node. The company will now set up a brand new fab, Fab 42 in Arizona. CEO Brian Krzanich made the announcement recently during his meeting with President Donald Trump. According to Krzanich the facility will, “make the most advanced 7nm semiconductor chips on the planet.” It will also employ 3000 people directly and create an additional 10,000 jobs for support purposes.

That’s 13,000 jobs in total and should’ve pleased President Trump quite a bit. In his comments, Mr Krzanich also emphasized that his company has always given precedence to the US when it comes to core operations. “Intel is very proud of the fact that the majority of manufacturing is here in the US and the majority of our research and development is here in the US. we’ve been able to do that even when the regulatory and tax policies have disadvantaged us in the past relative to the competition we have across the world.”

Despite these comments, Intel is still in the list of companies who filed court papers opposing the President’s move to restrict immigration and travel from selected countries. Fab 42 will manufacture 7nm chips and go in operation by 2022. Both Samsung and TSMC announced their plans for 7nm last year, but such announcements won’t bother Intel, for reasons mentioned above. Intel already has two other facilities in Chandler, Arizona. These manufacture 65nm, 22nm and 14nm chips.


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